What did you learn doing your project?

I learned that sticking to your own diet is HARD. Other than actually having a plan worked out, sticking to it is the real test. It takes endurance and determination to actually stick to the diet and lose weight. It also takes some encouragement.

write about smell or homonuclus man

Smell is very essential to life. Without it, one would not experience the wonders of smell in the world. But one would also be exempt from smelling foul odors. However, I believe that without smell, one would not be complete for instead of having five senses, one would only have four.
What surprised me is the idea of a phantom limb and that they actually exist. Well, in the mind they do. Once can actually "feel" their lost limb, probably due to the trauma of losing said limb. It's interesting, too, because no one has really found a real reason why one would feel a phantom limb. There are hypotheses and ideas of how a phantom limb was formed in the mind, but there is no definite answer. It is what one can say, a mystery of life.

Which of your senses do you feel is stronger than the average person's? What do you base this on?

I think that my sense of hearing is better than an average person's. This is because most of the time I usually listen to music a lot. And I use to be in band so I was use to tuning in on only certain instruments only and I learned how to listen really carefully to other instruments playing around me. Also I listen to my music and the volume is really low so I'm used to picking up really soft sounds.


What has surprised you so far in Phantoms?

What surprised me the most was the idea of a "phantom limb". It's really interesting how someone can still feel their amputated limb when it is no longer there. And that if you were touch somewhere else away from the "phantom limb", the patient feels as if you are touching their phantom limb AND the area that you are actually touching. This idea makes the brain even more mysterious and makes me interested in how it actually works.


Which of your senses do you feel is stronger than the average person's? What do you base this on?

I feel that my vision and my hearing is the strongest. This is because I am very dependent on my eyes so I use them a lot more than I do for my other senses. Plus, I don't wear glasses (only if I need to) so my vision is not blurry haha. My hearing is strong because a lot of the time I listen to music a lot. And I have been in the band so we were taught to listen for other instruments while playing our own.



Cancer, in general, is basically the mutation of a cell that spreads and constantly makes copies of itself. Usually, cancer cells are mutations because the original cell fails to go under mitosis correctly and/or successfully. There are many subgroups of cancer and many types of cancer, which includes lung cancer, skin cancer, tumors, breast cancer, etc.